Kara Bellum is the 2016 Ms. Bikini Paris Overall champion and she will be making her Ms. Bikini Universe Pro debut at the Fitness Universe Weekend. The entrepreneur & French fitness influencer was born and raised in Portugal but currently lives in France. Kara says “I work hard every day to help hundreds of women to become a stronger versions of themselves through my own fitness program and influence on social media. By winning in Paris I surprised everyone. I do not like to announce myself or brag. I prefer to let my work, creativity and love for fitness speak for me on stage.Competition and above all, getting ready for competition is a magic moment when we fight against and with ourselves to achieve a physique; but also to share, in the end, with others our love and passion for our discipline.”  Kara will be making a special guest appearance at Musclemania® Arabia in Cairo this April before getting ready to head to Miami.