Since 1989, Fitness Universe™ Championships has been the premier women’s fitness competition for ladies who want to compete in the fitness arena, but also want the glamour and prestige of a beauty pageant. They are designed to provide a competitive and enjoyable experience for the contestants and unparalleled international recognition.

Now, due to popular demand, Fitness Universe™ Championships will once again host a Men’s Division which will feature both a Fitness Performance Round and Swimsuit Round.

Fitness Universe Championships will feature LIVE streaming for worldwide coverage and on ESPN International, Eurosport, Star Sports Asia and other sports networks. Each year, regional, national and international qualifying events are hosted around the world culminating at the Fitness Universe™ Championships in Miami and Fitness America™ Championships in Las Vegas.

The Fitness Universe™ Championships features three divisions:

  • Open Women Division (Ages 18+)
  • Open Men Division (Ages 18+)
  • Professional (Prequalified Only)

Competition rules and format are identical for all Divisions.

Welcome and join the talented and attractive fitness men and women from around the world in what may surely become one of the most memorable experiences of your life.


Fitness Performance Round – 45% of Score

  • Execution – 25%
  • Difficulty – 25%
  • Creativity – 25%
  • Appearance – 25%

Competitors must choreograph a creative two minute fitness performance routine.

Judges will look for high-energy routines that demonstrate athletic coordination, style, personality and overall performance. Routines may include dance, gymnastics, cheer, aerobics, fitness and/or other displays of exceptional athletic talent. Contestants should demonstrate flexibility, creativity and showmanship. However, there are no specific athletic or strength moves required. Only the athletic skills in which a contestant has experience should be incorporated.

Costumes will be judged as well during the Fitness Performance Round, so special attentions should be given. For the Women Divisions, no G-string or thong-type costumes may be worn unless athletic apparel or tights are worn underneath, and tennis shoes or athletic shoes must be worn.  For the Men Division, athletic wear must be worn but may be custom designed for maximum performance ability and creative appearance.  For both Women & Men, all apparel must be tasteful and appropriate for a worldwide television audience.

Props are allowed but must be approved by show officials at least 2 weeks in advance of the performance. The maneuvering of props on/off stage both before and following the routine must by the contestant and without the assistance of any other person. Routines may not exceed two minutes and once begun cannot be repeated.

Music must be professionally recorded for maximum performance and audience & judges impression.  Only USB music sources will be accepted. No CD, DVD, iPhone or other sources will be accepted.

Swimsuit Round – 45% of Score

  • Poise and Presence – 25%
  • Body Condition – 25%
  • Femininity – 25% (Women)
  • Masculinity – 25% (Men)
  • Appearance – 25%

Judges will analyze body shape, tone, symmetry, complexion, poise, presentation and overall condition. Also, they will be looking for fit, toned bodies that display proper conditioning. Ladies must have an attractive feminine appearance and men a muscular and athletic look.  However, the Fitness Universe Series are not bodybuilding events or associated with any bodybuilding organization. Therefore, physical definition and excessive muscular development will be penalized. Contestants will be judged individually and in group comparisons.

Interview Round – 10% of Score

The Top 5 Finalists among the combined Fitness and Swimsuits scores will proceed to the interview round. Each contestant will answer a question from one of the selected judges regarding her background, outlook about various aspects of life and attitudes concerning health and fitness lifestyles. Spontaneous answers must be given. Judges will be looking for articulate, concise, intelligent and though provoking responses.


Because the Fitness Universe™ Championships is a natural sporting event, the Top 5 Finalists may be subject to urinalysis drug testing immediately following the competition and awards are presented, at the promoters discretion. Attached is a complete list of substances which will be included. If a contestant is tested positive for any of the listed substances, he/she will be disqualified from the competition, forfeit any prizes and/or rewards and be unable to compete in any Fitness Universe™ event worldwide for at least 2 years. Also, if a contestant refuses to submit to drug testing or attempts to manipulate and/or alter a urinalysis sample, then he/she will be immediately disqualified from the competition.


Walking, turning and posing in an overly sexual manner including bending over in a reverse position, spreading of legs beyond shoulder width, moves indicative of a stripper or other provocative body positions and/or movements will result in a deduction of points at the discretion of each judge.


Competitors can participate in more than one event if they choose including Ms. Bikini, Figure, Fitness, Model and/or Bodybuilding.  Each event will be scored by a completely different panel of judges, so competitors placing in respective events may vary according significantly.  A Ladies Event Comparison chart is provided for reference.