For the seventh consecutive year, Gordon will provide exclusive professional stage photography of all Preliminary and Finals competitions throughout the Fitness America Weekend. He will shoot over ten thousand images capturing all competitions and competitors on stage and in their glory. Packages will be available for purchase at Registration and following the show on the website gallery. If you want to order early, contact Gordon directly.



Known as the “King of Covers”, Jason started his career shooting Musclemania and Fitness America talent for media promotions over 15 years ago. Today, he is one of the most accomplished sports fitness photographers with over 200 magazine covers to his credit. He will be spending nearly a week in Las Vegas and is available for commissioned work by competitors who want to promote and expand their career. Jason will also be shooting for magazine editorial and cover photography. Contact Jason directly for your private appointments.

Contact Jason
[email protected]
(800) 881 0609


Originally from Havana, Cuba, Luis is an honors graduate of the Art Institute of Houston. His photography has appeared in Wire, DNA and numerous other magazines, VPX Redline advertisements and a portfolio full of professional commercial assignments. Luis will be at the Fitness Universe Weekend looking for new male and female models and shooting throughout Miami and surrounding settings.

Contact Luis
[email protected]
(786) 218 5195


Eva was a popular commercial model for many years but always had a love of capturing images herself. She developed her photography skills first from standing in front of the camera learning from experienced photographers and became an expert in posing and angles, makeup and hair, combined with a good eye for natural talent. She has a passion for beauty and creativity which she brings to every project.Now Eva is an accomplished photographer with several published covers including Natural Muscle Magazine, Oxygen, Fitness Muscle Evolution and more. Eva will be at Fitness Universe Weekend selecting and shooting talent for covers and editorial coverage.



With his specialty shooting active women, Greg is one of the most prolific sports, fitness and fashion photographers in the industry seen in years. He has an artistic touch unlike others in the industry and all of his images extend a heart and feel unique to his style. Last year, GW was the chosen photographer for the Fitness Universe Champions 20th Anniversary portrait and will shoot the same at the Musclemania Universe Champions in Miami. Contact Greg directly for your private session appointments.



As one of Miami’s most contemporary photographer, Ernesto is in demand for his creative skills and adaptation to athletes and models.  And, because he is an avid weight trainer who has followed sports fitness for many years, he knows the nuances of making men and women athletes uniquely attractive and photogenic.  Ernesto will be at the Fitness Universe Weekend shooting throughout the week by assignment and request.

Contact Ernesto
[email protected]
(786) 387-5076


After years of modeling professionally, Jenn is now behind the lens to show you her creativity and artistic nature in a whole new way! “I’ve always wanted to pursue photography, it’s been a passion of mine for years and I feel I have a good “eye” for lighting and framing,” she explains. “When shooting I want to make the model look like never have before. I want to create something unique that stands out and will stick in the viewers head.” Jenn has been published in various commercial, fashion, entertainment and fitness magazine as well extensive advertising campaigns. She will be at the Fitness Universe Weekend and available for shoots.

Contact Jenn
[email protected]
(951) 403-7380


Published photographer Don Bersano brings over 30 years of combined experience in the field of photography. His ability to blend fitness and glamor along with his creative use of lighting, color and warmth in his images has made Don’s work instantly recognizable throughout the industry.  His work has been published in numerous fitness and sports magazines such as Maxim, Planet Muscle, MMA Sports and the Chicago Sun-Times along with ads for numerous fitness apparel and swimwear companies. Don has worked with some of the top names in the fitness industry and will be at the Fitness Universe Weekend in Miami shooting commercial, editorial magazine content as well as for a nationally know swimwear company.  He will also be available for competitors who want to enhance their portfolio and further promoter the careers.  Contact Don directly for your private session appointments.

Contact Don
[email protected]
(815) 351-4339


Harry Grigsby
Carl Thygesen
Thomas Odd
Jason Halbert
Danny Fittro


ESPN International
Men’s Health
Miami New Times
Natural Muscle
Tarzan – Japan
Maxx Q – Korea
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Other Media & Photographers added frequently.